Get involved, donate & join SANA to become part of a movement to bring dignity to the lives of hundreds of thousands who do not have access to drinking water & sanitation, the very basic of human needs.

All contributions we receive will go towards SANA's "Toilets & Taps - Transforming Lives Through Technology" Social Initiativein the Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh,India. Open defecation and water borne diseases are rampant in this region. SANA is already working in 30 such sites in this region. 

For a one time cost of $33,000, we can set up a Solar Powered Compact Water Purifying Station which produces 1.8 million liters of WHO standard clean drinking water annually & up to 10 community bio toilets in each site, with a life span of almost 20 years, impacting more than 2500 beneficiaries in each site. 

All SANA's projects are a private public partnership involving the local administration & includes capacity building, training & motivational workshops.

Together, we can make a difference.

Please fill out your details below. We will email you our bank details within 3 working days to enable you to do a wire transfer.

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